So a few weekends Chase and I were in Nashville.. we had the privilege of photographing Mason & Kiley! It was a little chilly.. but that just means extra snuggles right?!


December 25, 2019

Jenna & Madison

Jenna & Madison braved the cold for their sunrise session. They rocked it out!


November 14, 2019

Jessica & Ryan

So Jessica and Ryan are pretty awesome! I had the greatest time with them! Literally we talked for like 2 hours hahah. It felt like hanging out with old friends! … and can we just talk about how cute they are?!??! Kristine Marie ArtistryEmily Zoglmann Dami

Grayson & Michael were sooo much fun! I had the greatest time with them!


October 22, 2019

Megan & Zach

I drove 6 hours roundtrip, we hiked a mountain.. and had the GREATEST time. It was totally worth it!! I mean keep scrolling.. you’ll see! Anywhere beauty by Shae – Hair & makeup


September 23, 2019

Kelly & Sean

I drove down to the Outer Banks a few weeks ago and photographed these two!!! We had the greatest time! I think I also found my new favorite spot in OBX! Anywhere beauty by Shae


September 19, 2019

Holly & Wes

My sweet.. sweet friends. I could not be happier for Holly & Wes. They have been together for years.. about time they’re engaged! Hehe. We had the greatest time.. it might’ve been hot.. and stormed at the end of the session but it was so worth it! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEIR WEDDING NEXT […]

Pete & Chelsea traveled from North Carolina for their engagement session! It was totally worth it!!! .. and guess what I get to photograph their wedding in Pennsylvania in May! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Kristine Marie Makeup Artistry Emily Dami – Hair

I love these photos.. the light, this location, their outfits.. everything. I am obsessed!!

my sweet friends – I am beyond excited and happy for them! I will never forget the FaceTime with Kaitlyn where she told me the news and I squealed and cried. All the feels – I am so happy for them! I love love love – can’t wait to find out what they are having […]

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