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Photographing your adventures - happy - sweet life worldwide

I am meghan lupyan

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About Me 

I'm your typical girl living a adventurous life with my hunky husband.. our precious lab, Jett.. and our turdhole of a cat, Jameson. 

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Wedding or portrait photographer, Meghan is your girl! Meghan is based out of Hampton Roads but available for travel worldwide. We know picking your photographer is a big decision, and we are really excited for your interest in MLP! If you are looking for someone who values the little moments, who is more then just a photographer..


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Kind Words

Kristine Marie

Not only is her skill set wonderful but she is genuinely a good person. Positive and polite - and very easy to be around. Meghan is like a big hug from an old friend and You can be assured that an investment with her is worthwhile on a myriad of levels.

Not only will you get amazing images that capture your most special milestones and life’s moments but you’ll be happy to know that you’re supporting a small business owned by a young lady who appreciates the opportunity to be a part of them.

She treats her team and even her stylists with love, respect and appreciation and has cultivated a loyal following of clients for good reason - she’s worth it. Her zest for life combined with her beautiful outlook are the perfect combination for creating the images we all love. The visual representation of the heartfelt, intimate and genuine love we feel for our partners, our children, our life’s passions and adventures...captured.

You wouldn’t want just anyone to build your home. You’d want someone who you knew cared about how strong that foundation was to keep your family safe and warm. And you wouldn’t want just anyone to be trusted with your family history either. Time only moves forward and we don’t get moments back.

So sure. Anyone can ‘snap’ a picture. But that’s not what it’s about.It’s heart.Its knowing your craft and all the components so you can deliver the best to the people who invested in you. Its knowing you will deliver images that their future generations will reflect on. It’s remembering where you came from and the families you grew up with. It’s caring about every detail because they matter.

And that , well ...That’s her gift❤️ And it’s priceless.


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If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, you don't have to look any further than Meghan Lupyan Photography! Not only is she extremely skilled behind the camera, she is one of the sweetest individuals you will ever meet. She makes her sessions so much fun that you are guaranteed to have a genuine smile in every one of your pictures. You can tell she absolutely loves what she does and that comes through in all of her photos! She has the ability to make your photos unique to who you are as an individual or as a couple. Her shots are simply magical and I could not have asked for a better person to have been apart of the magic of our wedding! You will absolutely love her!

Kind Words

Maria & Todd

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SOOOO this is when the fun starts - and it gets REAL..like really real 

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