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I'm your typical girl living a jammed packed life with a family I cherish deeply, friends that keep me going, and the comfort of photography that is a constant reminder of what I was destined to do.

I am Owner and photographer of Meghan Lupyan photography, based out of Hampton roads!!! I love windows down, Kenny Chesney, being outdoors, Labrador kisses , traveling and saying “y’all” way to many times. You can find me anywhere from getting my boots dirty hunting in the midwest…. to the bright city lights of Nashville… to my toes in the sand on the east coast with my nose in a sappy Nicholas Sparks book… to a reel in my hand off shore fishing!! I always have my camera in my hand capturing every adventure and memory. I grew up in a small town.. the kind of small town where everyone knows everyone and there’s farmland on either side of the road. Growing up in a small town allowed me to appreciate the simple things in life.

I fell in love with photographing love.. freezing it in time, always to have a constant reminder of the important things in life. Being a photographer in this fast pace society I’m able to slow life down. To help you remember the little emotions you felt at that exact moment! I capture that laugh.. that genuine smile.. that look in your eyes while I watch you fall back in love.

"I'm living my life.... 
loving every minute of it.... 
And fulfilling my dreams." 

Kind Words

Mary & Chase

I cannot recommend Meghan more for all your photography needs. When I made my decision to hire her to shoot our wedding I had no idea that I hired someone who TRULY cares for her brides and for her business. She was the ONLY vendor who reached out to me on several occasions through the planning process to ask how I was, what I needed and what she could help with (all non photography related). I am pretty sure if I asked her to help me roll silverware she would have been there. Of course you don't ask your photographer to do things like that but Meghan would be there in a heartbeat. When you hire Meghan you hire someone who cares about her clients, her job, and her business. My wedding photos are absolutely stunning, and I am SO SO SO pleased with the product she delivers, and fast too! I have over 1000 photographs and each and every one of them I love. She is top notch. On the day of my wedding she and her assistant, Heather, kept our wedding timeline on schedule (and even ahead of schedule) and we did not feel rushed at all. Meghan is cool, calm and radiates happiness when she works. If you want to feel comfortable, have beautiful pictures, and made a life long photog friend, she's your girl!!!! THANK YOU MEGHAN!!!!!!!


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Highly highly highly recommend Meghan!!! Our photos were everything we wanted and MORE! Meghan is seriously the best! She was absolutely wonderful to work with and helped to make the wedding day run so smooth! She was there to help during all of the planning and coordinated with all of our vendors to ensure everything was in place. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kind Words

Trish & John

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Mary & Chase

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