July 9, 2020

Courtney & Baker – Surry Engagement Session

The radar did NOT look good! It was bad. If we rescheduled it would’ve been the third time due to rain. We decided to chance it – which if you have ever had a session with me. You know I do not do that!!!! I felt awful though, and knew Courtney would’ve been so disappointed. The drive over it stormed! I was nervous. Well I got there and the sun came out and the radar became clear! I was so glad we decided to chance it – it ended up being a beautiful evening!

Courtney & Baker are the absolute cutest! I can not wait for their wedding next year!

Hair & Makeup – Mandy Montgomery

I love the way Baker looks at her!
A favorite!
Total notebook vibes!
Another favorite!
Courtney you are so beautiful!
Love love love
Fur babies are always allowed at sessions 🙂
SO sweet
Her sweet baby

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