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June 1, 2020

Our wedding – June 1st, 2019

I can’t believe I am typing this.. How did one year FLY by. Literally flew by. Going through these photos – I went down memory lane of the best day of my life.. 

The day I married my best friend 

Here is the official blog all about our wedding. Keep scrolling to read all the details about how our day was perfect.

We had friends and family travel from everywhere.. Andros Island, Hawaii, and even Italy. It means the absolute world to Chase and I. Saturday really showed how much we are loved. We are forever thankful to all of our friends and families for making our day so special

Leading up to our wedding they were calling for rain on Friday – the day of our rehearsal dinner. The whole day was spent finalizing details. The tent was set up – the lights were strung – tables & chairs in their locations. We were ready to go.  We ended up having great weather. We had a perfect rehearsal dinner at Smithfield center. Chase’s parents did such a great job. 

Surprisingly I slept great.. don’t get me wrong I definitely had the nervous jitters. I slept at my parents house – I got up early and showered. Then went downstairs hung out and watched tv in bed with my parents before the day got crazy. I’ll never forget my dad made me breakfast. You know those little cups you add a egg, then heat up? That was my breakfast. My dad wanted to make sure I ate – it was sweet.

Kristin Hinson with Kbuck studios did our invitations.
Mann & Wife did our florals and decorations
We left and went to the beautiful Studio at Wharf Hill to start getting ready. We had mimosas, and tons of food! Anywhere beauty by Shae did our hair while Kristine Marie Makeup Artistry did our makeup. We had the greatest time getting pampered and spoiled. 

It was raining – it rained on and off all morning. We got all the good luck!
My grandmas bracelet
Bridesmaid reveal
We cried when mom put nana’s bracelet on me


The guys were at Chase’s parents house having a blast. From what I heard – there was drinking – and playing pool. As well as some last minute things at the venue – aka chase’s parents house. The guys out did themselves. From all the rain our ceremony location flooded as well as the dance floor. The guys got straw.. and some other things to put down to help with all the rain. 




I finally got ready and we hopped in the limo to head to Chase’s parents house. At this moment I panicked!! Like full on almost panic attack. When we got to Chase’s parents house I saw our wonderful wedding planner Holly. I told her I wanted to see Chase. I was worked up and nervous. I don’t even know why. LOL 


I’m so glad I didn’t end up seeing Chase. I knew he didn’t want to do a first look. 

I love my girls

Sweet girls – Ava & Carstyn were the best flower girls
I love her so much
My sweet Ava – I love you sweet girl.
I’ve always looked forward to the first look with my dad – whew did I ugly cry lol
Chase’s parents have goats – I think they enjoyed the ceremony!
So Chase and I exchanged letters and a gift. Chase’s grandma passed away a few years ago. Before she passed away she gave Chase a ring to give to his future wife. I had no idea. I sobbed and sobbed. It was a really special moment. I always wish I got to meet her, but wearing her ring made me feel like she was with us even more.
I have been writing letters to Chase since we got together. I decided to give him all of them our wedding day.
Everything was sooo beautiful. Mann & Wife out did themselves!
Thank you so much to Sharon & Chase Hundley for the beautiful farm tables
I can’t get over how stunning everything was
It started to STORM – I mean full on downpour. It’s funny guests said it was beautiful driving to the wedding. Till they got Chase’s parents house. It started storming around 5:15pm. Ceremony was at 6. We had to shuttle guests back and forth on golf carts. Everyone got soaked. It was a outdoor ceremony and a tent reception. Yall It was thunder storming bad. A lot of guests hung out under the tent. It finally passed and it was almost ceremony time( we had to start a little late).
One of my favorite things was the greenery over our head table.
Our guest book was the bar – we wanted everyone to sign it. It got wet from the rain though so we didn’t get a lot of signatures lol.
Wicked Wages was named after our good friend Corey!
Thank you Kara for the signs! They were perfect. They lined the drive way and told our love story as guests walked up.
The guys working their butt off to put straw out!
I had watched everyone arrive and sit on the benches – I was soooo nervous. Like extremely nervous. I watched from inside the house everyone walk down the aisle. It was just dad and I. 
Whew all the feels
I watched Jett pee on the straw at the end of the aisle. Dad and I laughed.
I think at this moment Carstyn was ready to hand Jett over lol
The time came – I walked out the front door. At rehearsal I asked our officiant (Barton) to make Chase turn around. Then signal him when I got to the end of the aisle to turn around. 
I remember walking on the rocks.. trying not to fall in my heals. I finally got to the end of the aisle.. and I saw Chase.. and he saw me. It was perfect. He cried. I teared up. It was everything I could’ve imagined. 
Gosh Chase I love you so much!
We wrote our own vows. We both cried. We actually have our vows hanging over our bed now. 
Our ceremony was perfect.  Chase and I both said we felt like it was just him and I up there. Even though we know we were surrounded by all of our friends and family that we love so much. 
At rehearsal we joked about taking selfies. Then this happened. pro
We said I do, we kissed and we walked back down the aisle. 



It was really important to us that we had Jett at our wedding – he did so good!
We are so thankful for our friends
It was time to party! We finished photos then it was reception time!!! 


We all lined up outside our tent – which mind you was like a circus. It was a 40×100 foot epic pole tent. CRAZY.We wrote up some funny little sayings for our DJ (Chris Rice – Music makes you happy) to read off about our bridal party during introductions. Everyone laughed. 

We were introduced and had our first dance. We danced to I need you by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. Then we did the father daughter dance, we danced to My Little Girl – Tim McGraw. Then it was Chase and his mama’s turn! They danced to Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man. The formal dances were really important to me. They were amazing. 
Chases grandpa did the blessing. We were so excited to ask him. He was so excited about his prayer. It was perfect. 
We had dinner – it was AMAZING. Barb our caterer did a phenomenal job. 
Best wedding planner ever
It meant so much to see Robert at our wedding! He came all the way from Andros Island in the Bahamas!
My mama’s best friends
The best bartenders EVER
So my sweet friend Ashley – the one on the right twerking. She had really bad back pain.. because she was PREGNANT!!! I was wondering why she wasn’t drinking. lol a few weeks later she told me. Now she has a handsome little boy, Jenson. He’s perfect.

I forced her to get on the dance floor to twerk to the song anaconda. HAHA
The glow sticks were so much fun

Thank you to our families for making us who we are today ❤️

The dream team of vendors:
Venue – Chase’s parents
Planner – Holly Coriell
Photos – Elizabeth Henson
Florist & Decorating – Mann & Wife
Video – Aubrey Griffin Johnson
DJ – Music Makes You Happy Entertainment
Kristine Marie makeup artistry 
Anywhere Beauty by Shae
Sharon Hundley & Chase Hundley
Kristin Buck Hinson
Kara Byers
Catering – Barbara Fitzgibbons
Cake – Burgress Hodges

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