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March 23, 2020

Fowl Plains

A little personal post..

Winter is typically the offseason for photography. Which works out great for me because of Fowl Plains. Whats Fowl Plains you ask?! It’s another business my Husband, me, and our awesome business partner own. We offer guided waterfowl hunts in central Kansas! 

I love it! This past season was Fowl Plains first year. We aren’t new to the waterfowl world though. Chase and Cody both have been guiding for years. This was also my third full season in Kansas. 

Fowl Plains, had a very successful season! 

Now check out some of my favorite photos from the season!!! 

If you aren’t into hunting photos, I wouldn’t keep scrolling!

My Dog Jett!
Chase, Cody, and I!
My dads first waterfowl hunt.. 122 bird day. It was EPIC
Sweet puppy
My dad looking like a badass
My hot hubby
Never stop scouting
Sweet puppy
Doggie butts
I miss these beautiful mornings
Kansas always have the most beautiful sunrises
Love this photo
SOOOOOO many birds
Another favorite
I love these photos
Chase working those calls
Heyyy thats me
Specks on specks
Jett doing Jett things
Love this
really love this
Coolest kid ever
I love the details
WOW what a stud muffin
Think it was cold?
Chase and I had the privilege to go to Honey Brake in January for a few days. It was pretty epic!
We got to meet Gunner from Gunner Kennels!
Hope you guys enjoyed the photos from Honey Brake – now back to Fowl Plains

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