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February 26, 2020

BTS wedding post

Soo who is ready for some pretty funny behind the scenes? Shout out to these awesome 2019 bride & grooms! Also shout out to some of my favorite second shooters.. for snapping these photos!!! If you want to see some other behind the scenes check out my instagram @meghanlupyan

getting those ceremony details!!! Ignore my mop
you know just admiring Adrienne
I have all the awesome dance moves HA
Standing in front of everyone at ceremonies always make me nervous HA. I’m awkward
Heather I freaking love you.. best light tester
Sweetest soul ever – peace bish
Heather will hate me for this haha
Family photo time!!
Forever making sure dresses don’t get dirty
Making the guys work it! haha
Gosh this is awkward
sorry guys I probably smelled
getting the guys in check.. well trying too HAHA
I probably was saying YASSSSS
Heather will literally do everything.. including helping sew a groomsmen’s pants. Work it girl
check out that stance. wow skills
HAHHA Dakota is another awesome light tester
Check out that sun flare – Yass
Yes I will wobble at every wedding.. but it’s not pretty
.. and if I’m cold. I’ll totally go warm up lol

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