February 4, 2018

How am I doing?

Hey guys.. a little personal post over here..

How am I doing? I guess you could say busy.. very busy. As most known from a few weeks ago I made the annoucement that I would be spending the winter In Kansas helping at duck camp.

So you may ask what exactly does that mean… ha well here we go..

My daily schedule: 

Between 3am- 4am – wake up
head to spot we plan on hunting
set up – put decoys out – set up blinds – brush blinds
hunt – take photos
head back for brunch – which I cook
sometimes head back out to hunt
help the guys again with set up
hunt – take photos
I leave and start dinner
cook dinner
serve dinner
8pm- 9pm – clean up dinner
9pm – 10 pm – go to bed – then wake back up and do it all over again

For days on end … literally we didn’t have a day off in over a month

So in between all of that I also clean and flip the lodge.

It sounds crazy right? It is.. but trust me.. it’s awesome!

So over the past 2 months.. was filled with new and old friends. One thing I love about what Chase does is the people you meet.. and the past 2 months were a prime example of that.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself.. I’ve been in situations where a woman is put down because shes a female… but never like this. In the hunting industry.. especially working at a hunting outfitter.. it’s A LOT more common. A lot more common then I thought it would be… and it’s often harsh.

I’ve heard, “who even allows woman in duck camp.”
Ha they sure do 😉 

“Oh you’re just the cook.”
Yes sir, I sure am.. but that doesn’t mean my only place is the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to come hunting, this is MY time.”
I totally get it.. but this is something Chase and I do together.. that we enjoy together. 

… and the list goes on..

… and it stinks.. it SUCKS.. but when you go out and bust your ass and the guys see that you’re actually capable of hunting.. that it’s something you’re good(well still learning LOL) at.. and something you enjoy.. their tone changes.

but then you have men that come in camp and they’re thankful that there is a female hunter.. that they’re excited to see you working your butt off.. they love seeing you love the exact same thing they love.

And that is why I enjoy this. So that my friends is how I’m doing. I’m learning a ton.. especially about myself. I’m learning how to harvest my own meat. I’m learning how to cook wild game. I’m learning to love everything about this crazy adventure.

Have you been following the video blog?!?!

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