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November 16, 2017


If you follow me on social media.. you know that I travel a lot. My boyfriend, Chase is a hunting guide in Kansas. He spends about 10 months of his time in Kansas then the rest in Virginia where he grew up.

I love what he does.. I love spending time with clients.. meeting people from all over the world.. and hearing their hunting stories. Over the past 1.5 years I have met some pretty awesome people.. because of what Chase does.

Not only do I love the whole experience that comes with working for a hunting outfitter.. I also love how much it has broadened my horizons. It showed me how much I enjoy to travel, hunt, and take landscape/hunting photos.

With that said.. last December I went waterfowl hunting for the first time. Immediately I felt like I found a new calling.. waterfowl photography. I was in my element.. loving every second of it.

For the past 3 years I take off from Christmas- beginning of February. It’s slow season for photography. I would spend time with friends, family and set business plans. This year is a little different.. in a few weeks I leave for Kansas to enjoy the time off. Even though it won’t really be time off.

I will be hunting.. take photos of client’s hunts.. as well as portrait sessions in Kansas. I’m excited to spend a few weeks out there with Chase & Jett.. and the funny thing is I’ll be taking Jameson(cat). Follow along on instagram @meghanlupyan to see some funny instagram stories when I fly with him LOL. I’m already expecting the worse.

no I am not moving there

Lol I want to clarify this.. it’s just an extended trip. I will be back Mid February.. Then the end of February I have my first 2018 wedding in VA.. and I AM SO EXCITED!! Like yalll.. it’s going to be epic. AHHH!!!

I might freeze my hiney off in Kansas.. so stay tuned. It will be interesting lol.

Keep scrolling to see some photos from my last trip!! 🙂 



could be considered graphic content 

I am obsessed with these photos.. doing something different can be different.. but look what can come from it!

I loved this tree!!

This is going to be the most random post ever.. #you’re welcome

go on with yo bad self hot stuff.. lol

I’m obsessed with Jett

Chase has been training him to track deer

He has been doing soooo good!

I love them <3

If yall are looking for a incredible lab.. check out Southern Oaks Kennels


Congratulations Elio On your Kansas stud

yasss Jett yasss

Chase took this.. he is such a incredible photographer

Now tracking another deer

We had Ben come out with his dog to help us track

I really only took this because it was a butt shot LOL.. but really hahaha

Congratulations Brandon!

what you see driving down the road in Kansas

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  1. Carol Asbell says:

    LOVE love love these girlie. They are amazing!

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