Last October I flew to California where I attended an AWESOME photography workshop by Chard Photo. I learned a ton and also got to photograph this gorgeous husband and wife! workshop hosted by Chard Photo sponsored by Kiss books, Shoot Sac, and Noble presets!

Kristine Marie makeup artistry hair by Emily Dami

When it comes to your engagement session, one of the hardest thing is picking outfits. The goal is coordinating outfits instead of matching!! For the ladies I recommend a flowing, maxi-length dress or skirt! The movement of this type of fabric photographs beautifully!¬†Guys, I recommend that you avoid patterns that are smaller than a dime! […]


May 23, 2019


I went to UVA a few weeks ago and had this gorgeous girl in front of my camera!!! I had a blast with her!

Is it crazy this was the first time I have ever been to Regent University?!?! Crazzzzzy. It was a hour session but I was probably with them for over 2 hours. I had sooo much fun with these two. I felt like I’ve known them forever!!! Congratulations to these two!!!!!!!!

Yall – I haven’t laughed that hard at a session in a reallllly long time! I love Lauren & Trent, I am so excited for their wedding next year! Makeup: Kristine Marie Hair: Emily Dami

I AM BEYOND EXCITED TO GO TO CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA TO PHOTOGRAPH THESE TWO LOVE BIRDS WEDDING NEXT YEAR! Yasssssssssssssssssss! I mean.. yall.. come on they’re perfect! I’m obsessed!!! I am all about brining your fur babies to photos!!!!!!!

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